Here you will be able to see Moita Lab in action, in media, as well as in different research outreach activities. Stay tuned.

Moita lab members coordinated or presented sessions about the covid-19 vaccine development process

Click the images to read a beautifully animated article on findings from Clara Ferreira and Marta Moita (and the original publication here)

A misty day of tree planting with the lab, offsetting our carbon emissions from conference travel.

Research from Moita Lab has been translated into an accessible format for a younger audience, to get them thinking and critiquing cutting edge research – read all about it here

For International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Clara Ferreira has been interviewed by Diario de Noticias

Research led by Natalia Barrios has been featured in a Science Snapshot — Danger in a heartbeat

Anna Hobbiss has starred in a video promoting collaborations of COLife

The Ar Event: Evolving Emotions brought artists and scientists together to discuss emotions from multiple perspectives

Moita lab members were busy at European Researcher’s Night where visitors could talk to scientists, get hands on with fruit flies and make science-inspired street art pieces

Cleusia Manuel has been contributing to DrosAfrica, which works to build the African Drosophila community, and Cartas com Ciência which exchanges letters with young people in portuguese-speaking countries all over the world